We have been developing our family farm (originally intended to produce food for our family) to one day become a commercial operation where we can generate at least a portion of our income and perhaps all of our income with time. We call it Downeast Thunder Farm and we recognize the need to make our farm a destination and to capitalize on “agritourism.” Our location is quite rural and I believe it will take a few attractions aimed at enticing customers to visit our farm.

I’ve proposed building an 18″ gauge railroad system around our farm for work use and also for passenger excursions around our farm during different seasons. Having been a railroad fan for most of my life with a passion for the Live Steam hobby – this idea makes sense. It would be a great attraction for the farm and help us promote “agritourism” in our area.

The plan for the railroad was to construct a narrow gauge railway (18″ between rails) initially between our wood lot and our outdoor wood boiler & firewood processing/storage area. The distance to accomplish this requires about 350′ of track. The main line of the railway would be the passenger line and built to the same gauge extending all around the farm. Unfortunately, politicians looking for another source of revenue to line their pockets¬† (many wanting to see money up front before anything even takes place) have nixed plans for the passenger part of the railroad at present. They seem to think we’re relatives of Disney with a similar bank roll. We’re not. This is just a grass roots, as-you-go type of operation.

Our plans for agritourism are now centered around classes in agriculture, black smithing, metal casting, and other farm related skills. We’re also concentrating on managing our sugarbush for increased maple syrup production and planting Christmas Trees to further diversify the farm. The railway portion of our plans is now limited to the point-to-point short line between our wood processing area and our outdoor wood boiler. Basically it will be a working firewood supply, woodland tramway and be for private farm work – no passengers.

This site is intended to share updates and information with fellow rail fans, family, friends, and other interested parties as the plans and progress evolve for our farm and railroad.

In the meantime, you can see what is taking place around Downeast Thunder Farm by visiting my wife’s blog. If you are a local railroad fan, you’ll find my additional posts occasionally on the Grand Scale Railroad Forum and 18″ Railroad Forum on Yahoo, and the 18″ gauge railroad forum is where I hang out the most when it is not so busy around the farm.


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